Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Visa application and other documents

Above this text, you see the happy evidence that the last part of the visa application that needs submitting in the States has made it in one piece to Ben's apartment. Phew. This allowed Ben to send off ALL THE OTHER THINGS plus this on Monday night, using FedEx's overnight service, so that we can get this visa ball rolling. Double phew!

UPDATE: The above was written yesterday, so I can now officially tell you that the documents have been recorded as delivered as of 0830 this morning, GMT-5. And I received email confirmation that my Police Certificate application has been received and is being processed. Woohoo!

So, the administrative side of things has been taken care of for now. Storage and shipping are all booked and arranged. The house sale is starting to look promising, and our best man has booked her tickets to be here for the engagement party, which is wonderful, especially as she'll be staying in the UK with us for a whole week. We've also generally got a huge amount of fun stuff planned for while Ben's here, including a trip to Lyme Regis, the Woolsack Races in Tetbury, and a stay in London where, amongst other things, we'll see Kings of Leon performing live at Hyde Park, hopefully visit a few Big Smoke-based friends of mine, and should have an amazing experience dining at Dans le Noir? too. It's all really exciting!

A wonderful trip to Brum (Birmingham) happened on Saturday just gone, where Liz, Hayley, Steve and I shopped until we almost dropped, and managed to come out with three dresses, two pairs of shoes, a bag and a shrug (only one of the dresses was for me...!). So, that's the engagement party accessories completed too. The bag is particularly cute:

A bit pricey at £30, but as it's d├ębut and it's exactly the right colour... well, it IS a wedding!

The two pairs of shoes were probably a little indulgent, but one pair is a low-heeled sandal style, whereas the other pair is very high-heeled and will be much more suitable for the rather long wedding dress! Liz and Hayley's dresses are both gorgeous, and perfectly suited to each of them, too. Liz's was a particular triumph as it was mispriced in the shop: she ended up getting a £130 dress for just under £70! Score.

One last thing before I sign off... it's not a big announcement or anything, as people know I'm going to change my name when Ben and I wed. But today was the first day I practised writing my new signature. And I love it.

That works. <3  

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