Friday, 15 July 2011

Engagement shoot

Yes, as you no doubt know, Ben and I have done things in a bit of a backwards way - it sort of suits us, right?! So it shouldn't come as a surprise that, after our engagement party and honeymoon, and before the wedding proper, we went for our "e-shoot" with the magically talented and lovely (in real life as well as online) Courtenay Hitchcock, the Dorset Wedding Photographer. We visited him at his studio in Sturminster Newton and ended up doing the shoot at the playground at the back of the building - perfect! So, two big kids commenced being ridiculously over-excited, in matching pink-themed dress (Eve) and socks (Ben) for extra fun. Below are a couple of the shots taken:

All image rights reserved: © Courtenay Photographic. 

Just realised that these two are in black and white, so rather hard to pick up on the pink theme! If you want to see all the photos (and even buy some, should you so wish!), then the place to do so is on Courtenay's website here, and if you want to read Courtenay's take on the whole experience (!) of our e-shoot, his blog is a great read - not just for the entry about us!

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