Thursday, 28 July 2011

Less than a week...

...until Ben goes back to Charlotte. ARGH. Brain has, unfortunately in this instance, used its forward-planning tendency to project all the way to 5AM next Wednesday (the time he will have to check in at Birmingham airport) and is starting to feel rather glum. Bah.

On the plus side, the medical results are seemingly fine (they said I would hear from them yesterday if there were any issues) and have been sent to the US Embassy today and all the documents detailed in my post about the next stages of the K1 process on the UK side (aptly - for this situation, too - named 'Waiting is a killer') have been done and should now have entered the system, as we sent them last Wednesday (20th July). We can hopefully check that all is processing as normal come Monday and then it's more waiting to hear about the interview date.

For your viewing pleasure (and to try to make myself smile about how much has been done, and thus how much less there is to worry about, even with Ben's imminent departure), here is the final set of documents we sent to the Embassy:

"Paperwork reduction act"
And here is a list of part of what made that up - the part where they asked us to prove the existence of our relationship and engagement:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please find enclosed the completed forms DS-230, DS-156 (two copies), DS-156K and DS-157 (two copies) with relevant supporting documentation.

The DS-156K is accompanied by the following supporting documentation for proof of engagement:
  • 1)       Booking form and receipt for NC public ceremony venue : The Lakes, Kannapolis, NC. Date has since been amended until December 3rd 2011 to allow more planning time, although we plan to be legally married as soon as possible after I arrive in the USA.
  • 2)       Photographs from my stay with Benjamin Joseph Lloyd (fiancĂ©) in December 2010, including photos with Ben’s family and of the engagement ring.
  • 3)       Printed copy of my reservation to fly to NC in December 2010.
  • 4)       Photocopied documents showing presence in Charlotte, NC in December 2010 when Benjamin Joseph Lloyd and I got engaged. Includes my boarding pass from NYC to Charlotte, LHR to DUB return boarding pass stub, receipt from hotel in Asheville, cinema ticket and holiday gift tag from Jim McGuire, a photographer in Charlotte, NC who I hope to train with on an unpaid internship basis and who I met whilst with Ben in December.
  • 5)       ‘Congratulations on your engagement’ card from my cousin..
  • 6)       Photocopy of letter from Benjamin Joseph Lloyd to me with postmarked envelope containing letter; October 2010.
  • 7)       Photos of us at our engagement party, held at Egypt Mill on June 4th, 2011. Ben is staying with me in the UK for the summer (returns 3rd August 2011).
  • 8)       Photos from Ben’s stay in the UK; May-August 2011
  • 9)       Photos from our official engagement photo shoot with Courtenay Hitchcock (Dorset Wedding Photographer) in Sturminster Newton, Dorset on July 13th 2011.
  • 10)   Courtenay Hitchcock’s blog post about our engagement shoot (can also be found at )
  • 11)   ‘WhatsApp’ text message chat between Eve Rogerson and Benjamin Joseph Lloyd March 2011-May 2011.

I do hope they had a good read. grin

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