Friday, 26 August 2011

Less than 100 days

This many days until I leave!
And so another week passes... And some (more?) boredom has, of course, set in! It is now less than 100 days until I become Mrs. Lloyd, and only 45 until I leave the UK. I'm sat writing this in bed (yes, it is almost 11AM) after having watched my daily fix of surprise TV interest '90210' (the remake), contemplating reading and working out. Most days consist of this; reading, working out, wandering about, doing a little towards the wedding, meeting a friend here and there to tell them about how I'm reading and working out. Last night I chided myself: I really should appreciate this time more. I am going to miss being around my home and my family so much that to find each day repetitive is a bit insulting, in a way. We had a great day yesterday: chatted out on the balcony, went to the Balti to have some dinner and had a couple of drinks at Egypt Mill to round the night off. I then watched some of 'The Duchess' - reminding myself why it is such a desperately sad film - and then the latest episode of 'True Blood' (Season 4). And then fell asleep for 10 hours straight, which was quite an achievement, what with weird dreams and next-door's ongoing saw-every-brick-ever-made house extension project.

Much as I whinge about being bored, I have actually done things (other than read and work out) this week. I had the loveliest day with my good friend Tim on Monday. We spent time at his flat in Cheltenham where he cooked risotto and we had a bit of a YouTube share session; walked up Leckhampton Hill - which is more "peak" than "hill", with its near-vertical gradient - which was so worth it for the physical challenge (added to by sensibly wearing ballet pumps with no grip to speak of) and the incredible views.

Leckhampton Hill: Almost at the top!
View over Devil's Chimney
We then went for a shandy (me) and ale (Tim) at what he called "the best pub garden in all of Cheltenham", which was really lovely - though of course more research would be needed on my part to substantiate the previous superlative claim. Perhaps that's what I should do for my last 45 days in England: assess the pub gardens of Gloucestershire. We rounded the day off with a curry and a beer on the balcony. Splendid.

Wednesday saw me at the cinema for the first showing of David Nicholls' book 'One Day' adapted for the big screen. Starring Anne Hathaway (Emma) and Jim Sturgess (Dexter), it was a very effectively executed project, and one I think I enjoyed more than the book. While the book is well-written and engaging, it lacks a certain conviction (for me, anyway) with regards to the inevitability of the couple coming together, and their feelings for one another. I definitely applaud Nicholls' willingness to show the ugly and more mundane sides of the two protagonists' characters and their lives, and his realism when it comes to what life can throw at you. It is not a "pretty" book in that sense. But for me, even with that being the case, I still felt that Emma and Dexter did not have an all-encompassing, enduring love for one another, and that it was only running out of options that seemed to bring them together towards the end of the novel. I have concluded that this might be because of the distance between them that is inevitable in written form (especially with the USP of this particular book: each chapter covers their lives, separately or together, on St. Swithin's Day (15th July) every year, for twenty years), simply because it affords so much opportunity for detail and thus pushes them further "apart" due to the time spent reading. This level of elaboration cannot be achieved in the movie, however, as the directors are, of course, on a restricted time plan, so Dexter and Emma's time together (on screen) is more concentrated. This makes it seem all the more like they kept "missing" their opportunity to be together, while still staying true to the realism and grittier parts of the book. So, all in all, I really enjoyed the film. Even with Hathaway's attempts at a Yorkshire accent...!

I was planning on visiting university friends in Oxford this weekend, but sadly had to cancel as funds are running a little low. I am trying to save as much money as possible for when I leave for NC, and the money I have saved so far is all to go towards shipping and wedding costs/visa fees once I get over to the States. So, as I have 6.5 weeks left (all being well in the interview), I am going to have to get creative about seeing people, to make sure I've said my goodbyes properly. This weekend will instead be spent with the folks and some old friends of ours who are staying over on Sunday. So I guess that might be one goodbye taken care of! Mum is cooking a Sunday lunch - definitely to be savoured - and I will mooch along to the pub quiz to see work friends, as everyone is now back from their holidays. It's weird to think that they will be going back to school next week, and that I won't be joining them. Next week for me will be made of up - you guessed it - working out and reading, playing with the D3, catching up with a few friends and then having the utter delight of my brother and his wife staying with us at the weekend. Yay! I can't wait to tell them all about how I've been reading and working out... 

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