Monday, 5 September 2011

Filofax and further fitness

I think I might be enjoying my alliterative titles a little too much. I need to get more creative. Anyhoo, today I realised that I was getting anxious partly because, as the time until I leave decreases, the more it seems I have to do. Yes, I know, I'm never bloody happy, am I?! Bored one minute and manic the next. But I've never been good at the middle ground of anything; being on a plateau is something I don't seem capable of.

Old Filofax (R); new Filofax (L).
So, today was spent organising ALL THE THINGS and making sure that my brand new Filofax is all stocked up with birthdays, events and other important, stateside happenings for when I go. This, along with several other bits completed (the to-do list was pretty long, but made up of multiple small things within each item too - most pleasing), will hopefully allay the night-time tachycardia that has been accompanying me to bed for the last few nights. I still have lots of little things to do (packing the last box for shipping, clearing out any unwanted clothes so my folks' house isn't clogged with my stuff, working out what to take in the 2-3 suitcases that will accompany me on the plane etc.) but I feel like I took a big step forward today.

Fitter = sweatier. Nice!
After organising everything I could for now, from making plans on dates over a year in the future, to student loan repayments from abroad, to banking savings for our wedding day and to printing IRS tax returns for Ben's affidavit form, I did a hardcore work out at the gym. This was necessary both for my own personal satisfaction and because I was a little bit lax at the weekend with both the diet and the exercise. The extra gym session and local walk didn't materialise in any way, and I happily quaffed wine with my folks and ate out three times in three days. Whoops! It was definitely worth it though, as it was in honour of my brother and sister-in-law being here, which was absolutely fantastic. Plus the food was rather tasty (!), and the late night, gin-inspired girly waffling between me and my sis' was something I wouldn't have missed out on for the world! I am happy to say that I did a full 60 minutes of cardio today though; 30 minutes on the semi-recumbent bike (during which I read two chapters of one of my books on American history and culture (see future blog post for details), so felt even more virtuous - body and brain exercise!) and 30 minutes on the cross-trainer, plus 120 crunches after that. I am a lot happier with myself when I've exercised, even a little bit, and it's great to feel my body getting fitter - even when it doesn't get particularly thinner or lighter. Feeling strong is a great sensation.

This week sees me visiting (and saying goodbye to) friends in London and Plymouth, as well as seeing my brother and Wren again for the last time until December, when they will come to NC for our wedding. I am not quite so caught up by the latter of those two things, because I know that - partly because we're family, and partly because as a couple they've done a very similar thing to me and Ben in terms of emigration in order to be together - we will keep in touch a lot, and that they both understand the sorts of circumstances that we will find ourselves in. It's a big support to be able to share and talk about the impact of such significant changes; comparing feelings and experiences and so on. So that doesn't worry me so much in the sense that I think, yes, I will be a little emotional, but it's something I'm used to in the context of them: we have to say goodbye a lot! As regards my friends... well, this will be the first "major" goodbye, as it will be the last time I will see most of these girls in person for a year or more. At the moment, I think I'm suspending belief about this. I just took a break from writing to force myself to think about the goodbye moment, and my brain can't even envisage it. This tells me not that I am okay with it, but that I don't want to try to even imagine it! I am so lucky to be blessed with a lot of incredible people that I can call my friends, so leaving them to be 10+ hours away on an international scale is... too huge for my mind to work out right now. So I won't try. Instead, here is a really lovely (and, I hope, true) anecdote about a digital camera blunder that had a happy ending. All better... (Ha!)


  1. Oh dear, its no small task getting your life packed up and moved overseas. I'm still a little hesitant to make concrete plans in case something goes wrong at the interview and they need additional documents etc.
    I'm not sure anybody would find it easy to say goodbye to their friends. But hopefully there will be lots of transatlantic visits. Good luck with the final stages xx

  2. No, it really isn't! I started back in January, really, and most of the big packing was done by May as we had to sell my house. I'm also a bit nervous about making concrete plans but I am told that the interview is actually not as bad as it sounds and is often the simplest part of the process. Not sure if it's different for spouse visas rather than fiancé visas, but the documents are very similar.

    Saying goodbye to Ella last night was... argh, didn't like it! Crying on the tube is not a good look.

    Good luck to you too! I hope you have an interview date allocated soon. xx


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