Saturday, 3 September 2011

It is you that gives ear when I pray

This will be a short blog post, mainly to avoid causing nausea across the interwebs, just to say how utterly wonderful my man is. After all my fretting that started earlier this week, he not only makes me laugh by making and sending me silly pictures such as the following,

but also goes out to Ikea, builds new furniture, puts his stuff away on aforementioned new furniture, and clears room for my things in the lounge and bedroom. I cannot wait to marry that man. 


  1. A man who can assemble furniture is a must! I bet you're counting down. I remember being excited but also very stressed as it all got closer.

  2. Yeah, I'm very, very excited! And he is rather special. :) I'm not stressed yet; it's starting to feel real in a way I've not previously experienced but I don't think I'll worry about the move itself, more the settling in and getting things ready for the wedding. I'm lucky to have lots of lovely friends and family out in NC already, so that will make a big difference, I'm sure.


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