Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Jibber jabber

Ben and I often have long discussions about all sorts of things. We really connect (not necessarily agree) and talk in a similar way. There is something magical about how we seem so basically, deeply and necessarily linked. Today, though, has been one of those days where we've been on Skype for hours, but we've bantered about a multitude of absolute ridiculousness. Still connected but with our sillier hats on. Topics covered during the day's chats have included, but not been limited to:

  • Ear fleas
  • Scientists being sued for not predicting earthquakes
  • A baby monkey riding backwards on a pig
  • Tea
  • Spinning around on the spot
  • Mr. T
  • The UK hurricane of 1987
  • Eggs
  • 3 weeks to go!
  • PostSecret
  • The importance of good spelling
  • Noisy things
  • Sex before marriage 
  • Strange noises coming from my computer
  • Shoe size and inches 
  • Chicken broth
  • Back scratchers
  • Penis valuation (directly linked to back scratchers) (my imaginary one is worth $5629)
  • Comparing times of my departure for and arrival in NC on our respective computer's countdowns
  • Complexity of prairie dog communication
  • Nose rings
  • Mutual friends' goings on
  • The National Wedding Show
  • Weekend plans
  • Visa interview; questions that might be asked
  • How Facebook fails 
  • A woman who was born with no vagina managing to get pregnant
  • Use of parentheses and the word "inexhaustive" 
  • This blog post
  • How pie is awesome (this was more a statement than a discussion)

I love my man stupid amounts. 


  1. It's funny how you can talk about all manner of silliness. Though, talking to someone every day, you are going to have those silly conversations. Full of insides jokes and special memories. So glad that you've got your countdown going. If I get approved I've not settled on an exact date to fly. But sometime between the 10th and 14th I imagine. I can't wait for next week so it can all be settled. Exciting week for you though. Where are you gonna post the good news first, here or on FB? xx

  2. Ps, I just got the whole Mr T topic of conversation: Quit Your Jibber Jabber, You ain't hurt!

  3. Yep! Ben said I was jibber jabbering earlier, hence the Mr. T topic and title reference. :D

    Thanks again for the comment support. So excited for having a proper date! And it's great that we will (hopefully) be arriving in the States at about the same time - will be lovely to keep in touch and see how we're doing. :)

    I think I would probably, once I get my phone back from my Dad after the interview (and providing that the news was good!), call Ben (at 6AM EST, no doubt! Poor baby), text friends, see family and then post on FB. QE will have to wait until the evening, or perhaps even Sun/Mon as I'm staying with friends 'til then. Mind you, I am sure I could manage a quick post from my phone...

    EEK! :D



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