Wednesday, 21 September 2011

We already won

A particularly smushy photo from our engagement party.

I have cleaned all the things, packed all the things, checked all the things. I leave for London tomorrow. I have chewed my fingers to bits, tried on my interview outfit (the blue dress is perfect), emptied the bins, hoovered, paced, called my Dad, checked my train time, checked my bus time, done the washing, checked my paperwork, checked the courier prices, contemplated food, ignored food, tidied some more... Argh!

Then something occurred to me. While I don't want to - and won't - get ahead of myself by being super-positive about the outcome of the interview, I can be reassured by one thing I know for sure: I have the most wonderful, perfect man for me, and we have an incredible relationship that will survive whatever happens. I was suddenly calm then, knowing how lucky we are already, and how we will deal with whatever gets thrown at us. And of course, this made me think of a song: Paramore's 'Where the Lines Overlap'.

Call me over, and tell me how,
Well, you got so far,
And never making a single sound.
I'm not used to it, but I can learn.
There's nothing to it:
I've never been happier;
I've never been happier.

No one is as lucky as us.
We're not at the end but, oh, we already won.

We're going to be more than fine.

Disclaimer: Any vomit or sickness-related responses to this post are not the responsibility of the blog owner. 


  1. Where in London are you staying?
    My goodness, I have no idea what Adam and I will do if I don't get approved. I can only imagine telling him that he'll have to move back to the UK, he would not be happy at all lol! xx

  2. In Marylebone, so only a walk down the high street, across Oxford Street and I'm there!

    Me neither... doesn't bear thinking about for now. I'm assuming that, from Adam's experience here before, that he wouldn't want to come back to the UK? xx

  3. Thanks for following my blog. Takes me back to over 20 years ago when i was doing the same thing. Only we made the mistake of getting married first and then he had to come back to the States without me as they lost all our paperwork.
    You'll be fine.

  4. Thanks to you, too! It's been fun keeping the blog so far; I actually think it might be helping in keeping me sane. Ish. ;)

    They *lost* your paperwork? What a nightmare! I presume that it was you and your husband that had to sort it out when that happened, or did they take responsibility?

    I hope we will! All fingers and toes crossed now. :)

  5. He'll come back to visit but he didn't enjoy living in London for a number of reasons xx

  6. Fair enough. I guess everyone deals differently with such a big change, and not all circumstances are within our control. Will be interesting to see how we feel once we've been moved out there for a while! xx


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