Monday, 10 October 2011

Clapping like sea lion in public and other eve-of-emigration adventures

The Novotel at BHX
Right now, I am sat in the lobby of the Birmingham International Airport Novotel, just a stone's throw from the terminal from which I will fly, first to Frankfurt and then to Charlotte, tomorrow at 7AM. Tomorrow. Which means no more waiting. I'm not quite sure that I can contain my excitement as, after the relief of saying goodbye - in the sense that, although I didn't want to say goodbye, knowing that I had to go through it, and make my folks go through it too was a big weight on my mind - I no longer have anything preventing me from getting properly excited. So, excitement is now the order of the day. Continuing with the bipolar theme of simultaneous sadness at leaving/happiness at going, I am now rather hyper but absolutely shattered at the same time. Adding to the former is the online presence of my wonderful man and fantastic friends in Charlotte, keeping me buoyant and full of anticipation for my arrival in a few short hours. I get to be with Ben, for good now. And the whole lot of us have so much fun stuff planned for this week, and just having a great time being together. I can't wait. And now, I don't have to for much longer.


  1. I'm not ignoring the sadness of goodbyes here, but I don't think it will do much good to talk about them (again), and it feels good to be so happy to be following my heart and dreams. So, while I am without doubt very sad about leaving my wonderful family and friends in the UK, I am now trying to focus on the (innumerable!) positives of being with my husband-to-be and starting our life together in Charlotte, for real.

  2. Because I'm so late getting around to this post, I know that you're already with Ben and super happy! xx

  3. Hee! Yes indeed. Can't wait to hear how happy you will be when you're back with Adam this weekend. xx


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