Saturday, 8 October 2011

It'd be nice to be a leopard

My wonderful man's response v-log to the Q&A from earlier this week.

I cannot put into words how happy this man makes me. And how gorgeous his voice is. So, I will just leave it at that and let his video speak for itself.


  1. How cute is your new pup! And of course your fella. How sweet that he did a video post for you. I'd really have to twist Adams arms to get him to do anything like that. Love his question for a twenty something moving...Why aren't you there already! lol! soon xx

  2. Oh, Ender isn't new, he's been with Ben's family for years! Ben has some cute photos of him when he was a pup, though. :)

    Ben is just a *little* bit wonderful, but then I guess I would say that. ;) He's just the most magical human being I know. :D xx

  3. When you move he'll be your new pup, is what I meant to say. I'm gonna get 4 new pups when I move. Two I've met and two I'm excited to meet. And I'm gonna be watching them all. AND I'm gonna get a new kitty, though I'm not so much a cat person. Unlike you and Ben. Safe travels xx

  4. Oh I see, sorry! Must've misread it. FOUR?! Wow! Hee! Cannot wait to see the photos.

    Actually, Ben is a cat person, and I am slowly becoming converted. I never had cats as a kid (parents really don't like them), always dogs, but I think we might get a kitten once we're settled. :)

    Also: HERE NOW! :D xx


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