Monday, 3 October 2011

Leaving do and final UK week

“Well…there have been worse weekends.
You know, like in history.”
The weekend just gone was my leaving do (Saturday evening), followed by a lovely Sunday photo shoot with my friend Martha, and then some pub quiz action on Sunday night. The second and third of these activities would possibly have been better/easier without the hangover caused by the first one, but if you can't have a huge blow out when you're leaving the country, when can you?

So... how to feel! Having had a chat with my lovely brother and sis'-in-law via Skype earlier today, I feel much more cheerful about everything. I think I've been worrying Ben a little with getting a bit panicky and sad about going, but he knows it's an inevitable thing to happen given the fact that it is now pretty much a week until I leave. He's been amazingly supportive, as have people here, with my undulating emotional journey, and I think everyone can see that I am simultaneously so excited to go, but so sad to be away from people so dear to my heart, for such a long time. As Wren pointed out, I am very connected to my family (we have a close and happy relationship, the four of us together), and I spend a lot of time with friends both in the area and around the country, so I'm always busy seeing lovely people (lucky girl that I am). So that will be a big change to deal with, and probably explains the sudden fear or sadness - that lack of immediacy, being able to chat to my folks or pop round to see friends, at least not off my own back, to begin with. But I know that that will settle down, and that I will have a least a month of just utter bliss and excitement at being able to be with Ben, and then it will be time to start wedding preparations and, somehow, things will fall into place. No point worrying too much about that now.

Some farewell frivolity
The leaving do was so much fun. About 20 of us were there, all in all, and we had the downstairs of a local restaurant all to ourselves. There was a buffet, and much wine consumed (a lot of which was bought by the bottle, as this worked out as better value for money, and also resulted in the aforementioned shared hangovers all over my locality the following day), merriment and chatter, and I got to spend time with friends from all walks of (my) life. It was actually, other than a few sniffles here and there, a generally very happy affair and we were all safely home and in bed by 1AM (or at least home - apparently Cath and Hayley stayed up measuring their respective limb lengths, and I for one slept on the sofa for a few hours, after dropping off waiting for my tea to brew. Liz was told she also did this.). Brilliant night.

Sunday was a real pleasure, after I got my head together, and I was really happy to be able to see Martha before I left (and get some great photos to boot!), catch up on her news, and have a good chat. We also had an awesome Sunday roast (of course), courtesy of my wonderful mum, so we were properly stuffed by late afternoon. The pub quiz with the gang was lovely: sharing stories of the night before, our activities that day, and trying to get our tired brains to work hard enough to answer at least some of the questions. And we did - we won!

This week consists of packing the last box for shipping and getting that sent off on Wednesday; a farewell pie with work friends that evening; a goodbye dinner with an old school friend on Thursday; and then a weekend of family stuff with Mum and Dad. Perfect. 


  1. Oh exciting times. It sounds like your leaving party was just right. Great friends, great food and of course, great wine! xx

  2. It was great! I hope you have a lovely time this weekend. Not long for you now :) xx


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