Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Q&A V-log

I managed to complete the v-log today, after some faffing yesterday with photos and music. I will apologise now for the waffle (seriously, 20 minutes?!), and also for a few video glitches that seem to have happened because of my slow computer (the video appears to freeze, but it's actually my computer catching up with the camera and does sort itself out). Thanks to everyone who took the time to ask a question, and please feel free to comment/ask more questions should they come up. Ben's will follow at some point this week, hopefully!

P.S. Perhaps one more apology for the awful still that YouTube used for this video...!


  1. Oh btw, I loved the video. You're so good to type out answers. Maybe you can post the text you wrote?
    AND how do you still have such an English accent? I either sound American or Australian. It's incredibly frustrating. You'll have to do another one after you've been living with Ben for awhile. I didn't realise you hadn't planned to settle in the US permanently. I couldn't get Adam to leave America again for all the money in the world! xx

  2. Thanks! :) Yeah, sure, I can post the text. It helped me to keep focused because, as you can see (hear?), I waffle a LOT!

    Well, I've never lived anywhere but England, and I moved around a bit as a kid, so I didn't keep one accent at all. So I guess I just sound generically English. How come you sound American/Australian?

    Definitely will be posting one after 6 months/a year, with a comparison! Might record a video now, reading one paragraph from a book, and then the same paragraph when I do it again later on. Could be fun.

    We haven't planned *not* to settle in the US permanently, we just haven't made up our minds about where we want to settle down yet. Ben loves the UK (as do I) but obviously we want to try the US, too. I'm really excited about living there and we may well end up wanting to stay for good. Do you think you will want to come back to the UK at some point, if Adam could ever be persuaded? :) xx

  3. I always say, I wish our families lived in the same neighbourhood. I love Adams family and I love mine and I know that when I move, I'm gonna miss watching my nieces and nephew grow up. I'm gonna hate that our kids won't be close to them or know them very well. But I know for certain that Adam would never move back to the UK, if my visa had been denied, I don't know what we would have done. He had such a horrible time in the UK, I can't blame him for feeling that way.

    I don't know why my accent is so off but to a lot of people I don't sound English. I've already said I'm gonna have to watch BBC America every day because I'd rather adopt a Kat Slater accent than a Southern Talladaga Nights accent!

    Oh and I'm gonna have to get on that make your own cheese kit. That sounds so cool. I'm a big fan of cheese, compulsory at Christmas and when friends come over. Red wine and cheese! Yum xx

  4. Yeah, it bothers me that whichever country we end up in, our kids will miss out on one side of the family, and they on our kids. It will be very, very hard, but equally we don't want to move back and forth and disrupt everyone (particularly the children).

    It makes sense that Adam doesn't want to come back to the UK after his horrid experiences over here. I read through a lot of your blog posts from that time, and it sounds like so many things went wrong for you in terms of jobs, settling into a place of your own - and Adam being mugged?! That poor man. You must have been terrified, too.

    Hmm, yes, I think I'd go for a Lahndahn accent over a Talladega Nights accent any day! ;)

    Definitely a fan of cheese, and even more so with red wine! :D I put a link to the kit on the transcript blog: you can buy it online, too! We'll have to compare cheese-making notes. :) xx


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