Wednesday, 5 October 2011

See you in a fortnight, boxes!

My shipping boxes were collected today (yesterday actually, as I've just realised that it's almost 1AM), to be sent to Charlotte ahead of me, arriving a week after I do. I feel excited. Happy. Delirious and silly. And then oddly empty and sad. Leaving home to be happy elsewhere is a weird feeling. Mainly happy, but strange.

Seven boxes


...even closer!

Dad posted this on FB after I'd finished packing the last box yesterday (Tuesday).  :(

Waiting for the courier on Wednesday afternoon! 

All gone.

I'm not really sure what else to say. I'm relieved that they're on their way (one less thing to worry about), but it's such a final step in leaving my folks, and my life in the UK. So, this will have to be mainly a photo blog (p-log? Plog?), as I'm out of words, excited and happy though I am.


  1. Excited! It must feel great to say goodbye to them because the next time you see them it'll be in the USA!
    And it's not goodbye to your parents, it's see you later. I assume they're flying out for the wedding? xx

  2. Yep, I felt a distinct sense of relief, and like everything was really happening!

    Yeah, they and my brother and his wife are flying out at the end of November. :) xx


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