Tuesday, 8 November 2011


As you may already know, getting people from the UK side of things over to the US for the wedding has been tricky at the best of times, and has resulted in both of my best friends being unable to come due to a variety of issues, mostly financial. I am in no way saying that this is a problem for me (although it of course makes me sad); a destination wedding always causes difficulties for those couples who cannot afford to pay for their nearest and dearest to travel to the country of choice. Were we able to - and hey, we might still win the lottery, so keep your fingers crossed! - we would love to be able to pay for everyone my friends in England to come to Charlotte for the week around our wedding day. Not only would it be a great event and such a privilege to have them there, but doing this would also allow us to show people from my side of the pond what life is like for me over here - a description that, even with Skype, Facebook, email, and good ol' snail mail, loses any sense of reality without direct experience.

However, despite those difficulties - or perhaps partly because of them - I have had a bachelorette party, here in the USA. And it was great. I am so ridiculously blessed in NC by having Ben's friends adopt me, without a moment's hesitation or doubt, as their friend, both part of Ben's life and, simultaneously but separately, part of all of theirs. As per my first full post-emigration update on QE, they have gone out of their way to take me out, show me around, make me feel like I can get to know the place, and just sharing their wonderful selves with me, never mind anything else. This was never more wonderfully obvious as when, on Friday night, our amazing "best man" Leah tricked me (in the best possible way) into thinking she and I were going on a girl-date, just the two of us.  After she showed me a couple of the prettiest spots in NoDa and uptown, suddenly strange things began to happen. More of our friends turned up. We went to dinner, and people joined us. We had drinks and dessert, with yet more friends. And then went back to her house, which she shares with her lovely husband Steven, to find both him and my gorgeous fiancĂ© waiting there with balloons, beers, and snacks, to round off what had been a fully successful, ridiculously thoughtful, surprise bachelorette party. Below are some photos from the evening, and here's to the magical, awesome people who made it happen. Thank you so much!

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