Monday, 28 November 2011

An bird!

Today, while getting Ender prepared for a bath, we saw a cardinal perched in the tree, level with our balcony. This time (as I've missed the opportunity to get a good shot several times before now), I managed to snap him!

Cardinals are the NC state bird, and are year-round residents here. They also have very beautiful songs. This one appeared interested in the autofocus beeping noise my camera made! The males are obviously the very brightly coloured members of the species, while the females only have red on their crests, wings, and tails. 


  1. I am not a bird fact, I'm actually afraid of birds. A combination of Hitchcock and London pigeons. They do have pretty birds out here AND they don't try to fly at you. The inlaws have a bird feeder hanging off one of the many trees in the yard. And they could sit there and watch them all day. The one you snapped is pretty though xx

  2. I love the bird life here in Florida. Cardinals are so bright, they make British birds seem rather grey and brown in comparison (which most of them are!). I love seeing big birds too, huge birds of prey, vultures etc. which are amazing!

  3. Sherms: I love watching birds. My Mum and Dad have several bird feeders, fat balls, food areas etc. for the birds back home and, much as they aren't as colourful as US birds, I always loved watching their antics. We used to get all sorts (tits, sparrows, pigeons, magpies, crows, green and greater spotted woodpeckers, goldfinches... the list went on!), so it was wonderful. You're right about being able to watch them for ages; they are so interesting. I guess I grew up with parents who love watching birds though! Glad you liked the picture! xx

    Paul: Yeah, it's incredible to see birds of prey just circling around. We saw one feeding on some roadkill at the side of the freeway one time. Amazing!


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