Monday, 21 November 2011


Two weeks ago, I started my photography internship with the delightful Jim McGuire of Studio1212. I cannot really begin to describe the plethora of emotions that swamped me before and after the first day, as a combination of so many new things (people, place, public transport, job role) meant that I was feeling pretty hyper for that whole Tuesday, until I got home and experienced a crash of equal magnitude.

Walking to the transit centre
Suffice it to say that I am having a wonderful time: I am being challenged, having fun, doing what I love. I've met some fantastic new people, and learned a hell of a lot already. On the first day, I also decided I was going to catch the bus home, which meant walking from E. 10th Street (the studio), through uptown to the transit centre, catching the bus to University City Blvd., and then walking a mile or so back to the apartment. I did it! And I had a lovely walk too, as it was a gorgeous day. So by the time I got in, I felt like I knew the city better, and I felt more free to move around it via bus and on foot. This is also where the friendliness of people here comes in handy: I was taking a few pictures of the buildings in uptown on my way to catch the bus, and a lady walking past in the opposite direction stopped, and started up a conversation with me. She wanted to tell me where I could go to get the best photos of the cityscape at night, when it is particularly beautiful. This also gave me the opportunity to check that I was going in the right direction for the transit centre (should I have wished to), which, while I didn't need to ask that, reassured me that I can stop and ask people for help and they won't just respond, they'll often be nice about it, too.

The photography aspect of this experience, which is of course supposed to be the main element (!), has so far been fabulous. There is one other intern, Kate, at the studio and she's been there about a month longer than me, so she has been very kindly showing me the ropes. We go in Tues-Thurs each week, 10-3, and then doing our own work outside of that. Every day we're helping out with different things, be it setting up the studio, helping with lighting for head shots, going on location for a website portfolio shoot, to name a few. We also have ongoing projects, both photographic and for business, including a weekly shoot theme (so far we have done sunlight and artificial light) where we have to produce at least 10 images using a particular medium or style; research local photographers and their use of the web to promote their business; and to ensure we have our own websites to showcase our own work.

Artificial light
Practice in the studio
Studio fun with Kate and Jim

The above shots are examples of some of the work I've been doing (including a great shot of Kate and Jim when we were messing about with strobes!). The rest can be seen on the MOL Facebook page, should you be interested in having a look.

Next week will be a quiet one, as it's Thanksgiving and are only going into the studio on Tuesday. The week after will be too, as that's the week my family arrive here and it's all systems go for our wedding weekend. Oh my goodness! I can't believe that's come around so quickly. But, in between that and Christmas, and hopefully for a good portion of January too, we will continue to work with Jim, be taught by him and learn by observation, and have the very privileged position of being able to borrow his equipment sometimes. I can hardly believe I'm spending my days (not just evenings and weekends when I can fit it in!) taking, editing, and publishing photos as my sort-of-job. I feel ridiculously lucky for that, and on top of this, the fact that this particular starting point at Studio1212 couldn't be a better one, for so many reasons. It's just marvellous.

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