Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Wedding update

After four weeks of being in Charlotte, we have mostly figured out what we're doing, wedding-wise. Mostly. We've done wonderfully exciting things like get a marriage license; unpacked my dress and hung it up to allow creases to drop (hidden away from Ben's eyes at my soon-to-be mother-in-law's place!); and even met with our officiant to work out the finer particulars of the ceremony wording. However, there have been a few extra fun bits and bobs we've dealt with too, that I thought might make a good blog post. So, here goes...


Anyone who has known me for more than about 24 hours will be well aware of my attachment to my camera, and my burning desire to make a career out of the passion I have for photography. This has resulted in a difficulty in prising My Other Limb out of my hands, to the point that having a wedding photographer was more of a personal choice for me than anything else about the details of the day, including the dress/shoes/other things that more girly/"normal" brides worry about! Ben is, of course, concerned about getting good photos that represent us and how we feel about both each other and photography (more of a reportage style, fewer posed shots, lots of candid fun, and so on), but I think we would both say I have more of a personal investment in not wanting to worry about the photos on our big day.

So, it came as rather a big shock to both of us that, when our UK photographer had to cancel last week (a month before the wedding), I didn't totally lose it. Part of that was, I think, due to its unavoidable nature: as our photographer was flying over to shoot the wedding, a combination of visa troubles (which we are, of course, familiar with) and insurance issues with taking photographic equipment out of Europe, prevented him from being able to travel. Add to that the fact that he is one of the nicest people you will ever have the fortune of meeting (check out our engagement shoot photos, which was the first time we met up in person), and that we were all three of us very sad to not have him come to the wedding, there seemed little point in getting more upset on top of that. Practicality shone through, and we decided to contact a wonderful woman by the name of Diane, who we'd had the fortune of talking to face-to-face when she was the photographer at a friend's wedding not a week before. I'd been following her work for some time on her blog (click on her company logo above to visit and see her stunning images), and absolutely loved the family and engagement portfolio she was building. On the off-chance that she was free and wanted to shoot the wedding, we sent an email, crossed our fingers, and went off to the gym, as though nothing this important was in the balance (I know, first world problems, eh?!). By the time we returned, Spanglish Studios had saved the day (in both senses, I guess! Geddit?), and we couldn't be happier about having Diane and her husband Marc as our photographers. We have such a great vibe from them, and I am so excited to see what will without a doubt be captivating, true, and beautiful photographs of our wedding day.


The Lakes, Kannapolis, NC, is our wedding venue, and was organised and booked by Ben during the Eve in absentia period of waiting for the visa to come through and having to get a wedding organised in the meantime. We visited last week and oh-my-goodness-it-is-beautiful (imagine this said in a breathy, over-excited voice that barely allows you to distinguish one word from another). Not only this but Deanna, who runs and organises all the weddings, is an absolute angel, organising everything from music to cakes; from flowers to weather contingency plans; from speech locations to full colour-coordination of sashes/napkins/table decorations/everything you could ever think of. For people like me and Ben, who are happy just for things to be the right colours and - provided people we love are there and there's enough food and drink for all - for our cake to be tasty, this is perfect. The minor details have never really bothered us too much, especially because of the emigration and K-1 journey coming before the wedding, so this takes almost all of the stress out of scripting the day's minutiae, leaving us to enjoy getting married. So excited!


Our favours are now all made up and ready to go! We opted for little old-fashioned sweet shop style jars, with bespoke labels detailing our names and wedding date. Inside, we debated about having personalised M&Ms (brilliant, delicious, but too pricey); chocolate-coated coffee beans (tasty but might not be to everyone's taste); or sugared almonds (very moreish, but possibly difficult for those with nut allergies). In the end, we went for the third option as we could get blue and white (our wedding colours, along with silver), afford enough to give everyone at both the wedding and reception a favour, and they are just SO unbelievably addictive that we felt people would enjoy them most - sans aforementioned allergies, of course. So, they're now all packed up in individually-wrapped little bubble packets, waiting for the big day. We have also obtained a guest book, and a pretty little "wishing well" for cards etc., which is actually an antique-style bird cage. It's all coming together. 


There is so much to be excited about, but this has to be one of the biggest things. As per the short explanation at the top right of QE, Ben and I met online via a Facebook group back in 2008. Along with us "meeting", we also had a pretty substantial group of friends that met within that particular group, and one or two other groups that we created between us all, subsequent to the one that started it all off. The long and short of this is that we have stayed in touch with those friends (and I've actually met one of them in person (four times, in fact!); a lovely lass from Canada who happened to be staying in England for a year as part of her degree course), and four of them are coming to the wedding! It will be such a pleasure to meet them all in person, together, and enjoy their company for real. Having had the pleasure of meeting several online friends in the real world (aside from Ben, which clearly worked out pretty well!), and getting on with them like a house on fire, I am thoroughly and ridiculously excited to see these people in the flesh. It will be a real treat, on top of everything else we have to look forward to that day.

That about sums up where we are right now. There are still a lot of last-minute, little things to do (pay balances, send music playlists, write vows - okay, some less little than others) but we're quite up together, which is immensely pleasing.

T minus 25 days... 

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