Thursday, 22 December 2011

Beep beep'm beep beep yeah

There's so much to update on since the wedding. Not only have we sent off the paperwork for the next stage of the immigration process, we've also been doing a lot of grown-up married stuff. I don't have time to go into a long post about it right now, but this post should give you a small idea of the kinds of things I mean: I have a car! And, as of today, I am allowed to drive it. Hee! So, meet Millie.


Ender is not quite as excited as I am.

We got her last weekend, and had to wait for my insurance paperwork to go through (I am only allowed 30 days of insurance on a temporary policy to allow me to practice and take my test for an NC license). So today, I had a chance to get used to the size of the car, for one thing (I used to drive a manual Ford Ka; I am now driving an automatic Honda Accord - quite a change!); the other side of the road; the signs; the rules... and it was fantastic. I feel so happy and free! Silly though it sounds, I now feel much more like a resident here. I can take my test any time over the next month, so started studying hard yesterday, and am going to try to get it done before my birthday in January. But for now, I need to practice hard, both on the road and with the books. I foresee several photo trips in my very near future (a great excuse to develop my driving skills), and a lot of online mock tests!

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