Wednesday, 11 January 2012

3 months ago today

... I packed all my stuff up and got on a plane to move to the States. Today, we are on the eve of moving to our new house, and the feeling is rather different, and not for the reasons you might think. You see, I had managed to rid myself of a) all furniture; b) all household items (kitchen utensils, random ornaments etc.); c) my car; d) most of my clothes and shoes. Although I have not acquired much since the move over by way of personal items, we have certainly managed to add a lot of new furniture and kitchen stuff to our couple's inventory, to the point that our mostly-packed-up apartment currently looks like this:

And this:

And this:

So, although I might have expected the main difference to be something along the lines of the leap across an ocean, the cultural change, and the leaving of family and friends, it is actually the sheer volume of stuff, and our consequent wealth of packing boxes, that has struck me the most. The dog has given up wandering the place with toy in mouth, and now simply hides under the desk, having accepted his fate of living in a cardboard maze. He is our very own Simple Dog and Helper Dog combined - neurotic and special, love him.

Dog days are over (sorry). 

Passageway to the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.

I think I've now packed as much as I can without totally limiting my ability to live reasonably normally (though yesterday's dinner of cottage cheese, a cheese string, and some salt & vinegar crisps may be evidence to the contrary), and have a pair of jeans, a comfy pair of flats, and two t-shirts I can wear over the next three moving days. I am going to look mighty attractive, I am sure! My last big challenge was getting my wedding dress back into its storage box (the one used to bring it over to the US), which I have been avoiding doing since our wedding day. Not only did I just want to look at it whenever I wanted, but I had to get this...

The dress
 ...into this...

The box
However, despite my reservations, it was actually pretty easy, and I even wrapped it all up in protective tissue paper, and got the veil in there too.



Winning at packing! All there is to do now, once Ben is back from class, is take down all the boxes containing flat pack furniture to the cars, ready for morning, when we are driving over to the attorneys' office to finalise the paperwork, and get the keys. All being well, we should be trundling over to our house at about 10AM EST tomorrow! So, until the internet is installed there, I shall bid QE adieu, and see you on the other side of the box maze. 


  1. I hope the move goes well! Like you, I ditched nearly everything in the UK and arrived with very little. But the place we're in is relatively small so it doesn't feel like that sometimes! :-)

  2. It's better now we're in a bigger place, but we still managed to fill it! Thanks for the well wishes! :)


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