Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Fast-forward a fortnight

It has been far too long since I posted anything at all on QE, which of course means that there has been a lot going on, which in turn results in there being a potentially huge blog post in the making. However, rather than another epic update post (I think I've done two so far, and I'm pretty confident no one can get more than about halfway through either without needing some form of caffeine to sustain them), I thought I'd do some scheduled posts throughout the week that each deal with new stuff that's been happening in Lloyd Land.

So, in order, the updates will be about:

Our new house and moving adventures

Visa/green card update: biometrics appointment and more waiting

A birthday edging me that bit closer to 30, and a haircut to hopefully hide that fact (!)

Outings and fun times in our new neighbourhood

Photography news: MOL's first show

I will be starting with the house move update today (to be published tomorrow), and then hopefully have one post for every day this week until Sunday, when I will write a retrospective piece about how the d├ębut showing of MOL printed photographs at the Bizarre Bazaar went down. It's going to be a big week!

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