Monday, 16 January 2012

A MOL crossover post

A new post has just been published on my photography blog My Other Limb, and while I don't usually link QE and MOL except when talking about my internship on here, really, today is different. I've been asked to write as a regular guest blogger for skytemedia, a web design company, which in some ways is more like my more text-based posts on QE, and is very exciting! It is another great opportunity to further my portfolio, as well as approach what I love from a different angle: exploring the history, techniques, and art of photography, rather than just taking the photos from my own perspective. Josh Gutteridge, the Creative Director of the company which has been in business since 2006, has recently redesigned the website, and so is starting to include specialty guest bloggers, as well as having a whole new look. Please hop on over and have a read of my post here if you are so inclined, and explore skytemedia, too. It'd be great to get some traffic from QE over to Josh's made-over site!

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