Sunday, 15 January 2012

We're in!

I've been catching up on photo updates and the MOL blog in our (newly) local Starbucks, as Ben is at work today on a delightful 8-8 shift. As you might imagine, this is exactly how he wanted to spend his Sunday, especially after two moving days totalling 26 hours of actual moving, lugging, building, and unpacking! But we are in the house, we've unpacked pretty much everything, and are waiting on a couple of deliveries to complete things like the dining area (a table) and the lounge (a couch), which we had to order, as we didn't have stuff that would fit.

So, until the internet is installed at the new place, that's all I'm going to say for now, but we are very, very happy in our new home, and I am looking forward to regaling QE with the full story of moving the contents of a third floor apartment out and across the city using only cars, a borrowed "van", and the kindness of friends and family!

P.S. Just because I am becoming a kitchen bore, here is the new set of mixing bowls we treated ourselves to - so colourful! Hee!

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