Sunday, 29 April 2012

Bambi is coming to town!

I only have time for a brief post, which may be a relief after the last few wordy ones, but I wanted to share some exciting news: my little sister is coming to stay with us! Okay, she's not my real sister (I have one brother, although my sis'-in-law is as dear to me as a sister ever could be, and with the added benefit of having avoided the awkward growing-up-together phase... anyway!), but she may as well be.

Amber is the eldest daughter of my Dad's best friend, and we've known each other forever. I was about 6 or 7 when she was born, so old enough to babysit (with the parents close at hand - like in the next room) once she was about 3, but young enough to still play, and ride skateboards, and pretend to live in a cave under my cabin bed. Yes, really. She's now 21, which is insane enough in itself, but more importantly, is getting on a plane in June and coming to stay with us for 10 days. I'm so excited! I didn't get to say goodbye to her properly before I left, so I miss her all the more, and I can't wait to catch up on her university adventures, and how the family are, and generally ALL THE THINGS.

In conclusion: YAY! I'm happier than a cow with cake, and that's pretty bloody happy.

Me, metaphorically speaking.

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