Sunday, 1 April 2012

(I hope) I'm not sick, but I'm not well

I had plans for an update post today, as I have had such an incredible week at work, and have been so busy I seem to have totally kicked my oversleeping issues. I was feeling rather positive! However, the burning the candle at both ends has had another consequence: I am poorly. As in actually sick. I woke up yesterday with a raw throat, but had a full day of work ahead, so just pushed on through (and hoped it was allergies). However, by the end of the day I had practically no voice left (put down to talking to clients all day) and hurt everywhere (put down to lugging C-stands, Speedotrons, sandbags etc. about).

Waking up this morning though, I spent the first ten minutes choking and coughing myself awake, still couldn't talk much louder than a whisper, hurt everywhere in a non-muscular kind of a way, and was (still am) going from hot to cold and back faster than an English summer. Everything tastes bitter and I have perpetually running eyes and nose. So, I'm assuming I'm ill. My plans today therefore now consist of living on the sofa, as detailed below.

Normal service, including a full update on my week of wonderful things, should resume tomorrow. I actually have a week off as it's spring break (so my boss at the studio is away on vacation), so I'm hoping I won't be poorly for that whole time. I'm yet to feel especially weird about being ill away from home, but I do kinda wish I could call my mum and ask her for some soup and a hug! Ah well. Back to the sofa.


  1. Actually that COULD be alergies sometimes those symptoms are those of alergies and not a cold but you would know best, it would take a couple of days to figure out but with the rain we had the past 2 days the pollen count is better. LAST week I felt similar since I work outside every day and I was inhaling all of those nasty spores.

  2. Get well soon! (Paid sick leave is practically unheard of in the US, as far as I can tell!)

  3. Rich: It could well be, although I've been dealing with allergies here since the beginning of February, and it's been nothing like this. The bitter taste and (not to go into too much detail) the amount of stuff coming up from my lungs seems to imply a cold, at the very least, although no doubt coupled with allergies. I've also been taking Loratadine for a couple of weeks now, so that has put paid to everything allergy-related except for occasional leaky eyes. All the same, the pollen here is very different (I don't get Hay Fever back home), so it could well be that, or that too. Ugh! I hope you're feeling better now.

    Paul: As I'm still without an EAD, that isn't an issue. Paid work isn't something I can do yet, so being sick and unpaid isn't much of a problem in that sense! :D Thanks for the comment.


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