Monday, 9 April 2012

MOL and me

I have been a bit quiet about the recent changes that have been coming about for My Other Limb, my photography website and blog, but only really because they have kept me so busy! I still don't have time to go into them right now in full detail, but for the purposes of updating QE, I shall say the following (as it pertains to life here, not just life behind the lens in general):

  1. As and when my EAD comes through, everything is in place to launch My Other Limb as an LLC (a limited liability company), making MOL a business, not just me attached to a camera. This is still tentative; it seems like it is safer (legally) and has more tax benefits (you don't pay tax twice) to do it this way rather than just be a freelancer, but obviously there are fees and set-up costs and so on. In any case, it's all set to go when I can actually make that decision (come on, USCIS!).
  2. The reason it is tentative is because it does increase the outgoings of MOL, without any guaranteed "incomings". However, bookings are coming in, people are taking an interest, and I am really excited to see whether I can make it, even part-time, as a freelance photography business. If you're interested to see the business and check out the possibility of booking a shoot, please click on the logo above to go to the MOL website.
  3. I will of course still be working at the studio, and Jim and I had a good chat last week about the fact that I really would like to stay on as a paid assistant at Studio1212 if there's work for me. It seems like that could work out, so I'm pretty excited! Between work at the studio, my freelance MOL work, and possibly another part-time role/assisting other photographers, I think I may have a "job", although not quite like anything I've known before. 
  4. To add another string to MOL's bow, I've now started listing prints on Etsy for people to buy. The link to the Etsy shop is below - just click on the banner to visit!

There are a few shoots booked (pretty far in advance so that I will be doing these when I can legally work), so I am really, really happy about those. On top of that I am finishing off my free couples/singles shoots this month, and then will be offering discounted "new company" sales rates on MOL shoots to get the business launched. There's still an awful lot to do, and this will be a steep learning curve. There's also the inherent nerves caused by announcing this to the ether - it could very easily not work out, and then it's for all to see. But if you never try, you'll never know...

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