Friday, 20 April 2012

No news is... no news

We heard back from the USCIS. They sent us a letter to tell us that nothing has been decided yet, but they have moved our case from Chicago, IL, to the California office, for faster processing.

So. Yeah. No news.


  1. I got that letter too (as you probably know from reading my visa blog). It didn't seem to speed things up very much in my case!

    It is a disappointment when it arrives because you're expecting more substantial news when you see it's from the USCIS. Oh well.

    It is probably a good sign in the general scheme of things however. One just gets a bit weary and cynical...

  2. Yep, weary and cynical is right, but I am trying to just let it wash over me! It's been 4 months since we sent off our I-485 AOS paperwork, and five weeks since we fulfilled the RFE we got to complete it. I was kind of (optimistically) hoping that the letter would be something to at least say I could work, even if it said we had to go for an interview or similar to get the green card. Bah!

    Oh well, back to waiting. :)


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