Thursday, 26 April 2012

Pour myself a cup of ambition

I got my EAD! As of today, I am allowed to apply for jobs, get paid, pay taxes, and generally be a useful member of society again. I was so happy when I opened the envelope that I cried a bit. It's been such a long time! It seems that moving the case from Chicago to California was the right step. Thank you, USCIS. It's so good to have the tide turning this way. I guess now all they want is service and devotion.

The photo on the EAD card was taken back in January, at my Biometrics appointment, so I have considerably less hair now. I got my hair cut the day after that appointment, and then again a couple of weeks ago. I get bored.

Smiley photo with Ben, back in November 2011

January 2012
Two weeks ago. I got a bit bored again, and was inspired
by the female protagonist of the movie 'Monsters'.
Also, it gets hot here. This is ideal. 

I'm sure I'm still recognisable though! Besides, it's all you can do to keep yourself entertained when you can't officially look for work. Enough to drive you crazy if you let it.

So, I have work that I can (and will! Thank you, Jim.) be paid for at the studio. I can go about formally setting up My Other Limb as a business. I can apply for other assistant jobs, or jobs in the industry, or ANY JOB I WANT, should I so wish! It's just a little bit exciting. What a way to make a livin'.


  1. Congrats on the good news! I actually received my EAD *after* the green card! (Go figure!) :-)


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