Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Waffle House have got nothing on me

I decided yesterday that, if my voice had recovered sufficiently by today, I would do a v-log update instead of a written post. It had, so I did. So here it is!

Some help to summarise the waffle in the video

Photos of things mentioned in the v-log:

New 50mm prime lens for MOL
Duke Energy Building
Duke Energy Building

View from the top floor of the Duke Energy Building
Inside the Duke Energy Building - 48th floor suite

Composite shot of me and one of the veterans from Saturday's shoot

Plan for Friday

That and a haircut, which I desperately need!

Links to things mentioned in the v-log:

Music playing during the v-log:
  1. Anything Can Happen - Finn Brothers
  2. Something That I Want - Grace Potter ('Tangled' version)
  3. (I'm The One That's) Cool - The Guild
  4. New York - Ben Maggs
  5. Make It Go (Live) - Kina Grannis

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