Friday, 18 May 2012

Waffles and boobs

I've actually had neither of the things in the title this last week (well, obviously the latter, but I meant in addition... anyway...), but I promise that it is relevant. I'm not just trying to get your attention. Much.

This week has been an absolutely brilliant one in terms of photography. I have been assisting and shooting every day this week, and will be assisting again tomorrow before a meeting to arrange a possible MOL shoot for next week, followed by a much needed sensor clean for the D3. It's been fun, challenging, exhausting, and extremely varied - exactly what I love and need. I shot my own stuff for I AM not the MEdia on Monday evening (as Jim not only let us use the studios, but also shot some talking heads for us too - amazing!); Tuesday and Wednesday were two 14-ish hour days spent assisting and shooting for Sharonview Federal Credit Union in South Carolina; today was an afternoon event shoot where Jim did video and I shot stills for the Kangaroo Express 'Salute Our Troops' campaign; and tomorrow is a short assisting job doing corporate shots for a local attorney. Phew! What a fantastic week.

So, why waffles and boobs? Well, 6AM yesterday saw me and Jim at the Waffle House near to the motel we crashed at on Tuesday night, guzzling coffee by the gallon in preparation for a long day's work. Jim happened to mention to our waitress that it was my first time ever at a Waffle House (they're pretty notorious around here, so being here seven months and not having been yet is a bit of a shocker!), and they ended up posing for a group shot with me, and giving me a Waffle House hat!

Waffle House, Grandview Drive, Simpsonville, SC

This may have spawned a new tradition: whenever I go to a "typically American" place like this for the first time, Jim takes a shot of me with the staff, if they're up for it. Brilliant! So today, we got our next opportunity in Concord: Hooters. No hat this time, but I did get to pose with some very hot ladies!

Hooters of Concord, Gateway Lane, Concord, NC

All in all, just a bloody awesome time! I'm looking forward to having a whole day with Ben on Saturday, which is the one thing I have missed this week. Only seeing him for a couple of hours here and there, and being exhausted during that time, obviously isn't conducive to quality married time. But this is what I love doing, he is wonderful enough to support and enthuse about me doing it, it's not often it's this busy at the studio in just one week, and he and I do have a full 36 or so hours of "us" time as of tomorrow evening - much better than having an ocean between us and the joys of Skype for communication (which we were reminded of during my SC stay on Tuesday!).

So, cheers to the weekend, to this week of opportunity, and to the lovely folk that are making all of these fabulous happenings happen.


  1. Yes, waffle houses are an institution, especially in the South. Always remind me of the Bill Hicks routine.


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