Wednesday, 9 May 2012

You've gotta give for what you take

I am beyond disappointed. NC voted for Amendment One. To vote for prejudice, for discrimination, and to diminish the rights of others.

I'm also tired and sad, so writing right now doesn't seem like something I can do well enough to explain how awful this is and how hard we are going to fight back. If you want to read something awesome like that, please check out the brilliant Everyma'am, where the wonderful Leah Burleson has written an amazing post about the unwritten histories of revolution.

The only consolations I have right now is that I am surrounded by amazing people who are not giving up the fight (so please don't think of me as the English girl who's wandered into the southern American moral desert all alone), and that Mecklenburg (our county, bottom and middle-ish blue section) voted against.

"Tonight we mourn. Tomorrow we fight."

Post title from George Michael's song "Freedom '90".

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