Tuesday, 12 June 2012

I blame King Alfred

Apparently, the phrase 'dog-tired' derives from a tale about Alfred the Great, involving a competition he used to set for his two sons. Athelbrod and Edwin were sent out with King Alfred's hunting hounds on a long chase, and whoever caught the most dogs would get the seat at the right-hand of their father at that evening's dinner.

We have just acquired one dog, and she is not a hound: she is a 14 week old stray rescue German Shepherd mix (we're not sure what with - possibly Collie or Husky) from the Char-Meck Animal Care & Control centre. She is, however, making us dog-tired. Alberta (or Bertie for short) is the most adorable, smart little lady, but obviously being so young means she has a lot to learn. That currently means lots of play and training during the day, and learning to sleep at night (instead of howling and crying and barking for seven hours straight, which is her current choice of nocturnal activity). Add into the mix a new kitty too, who is settling in brilliantly but is a bit unnerved by one excessively hyper-friendly small dog and one oddly-interested large dog, and we have the recipe for quite the challenging second half of 2012. Not to mention joyful and rewarding!

Because of this, I am having trouble answering my phone, let alone writing back to emails or on this blog. So, if Queen's English is a little quiet over the next few weeks/months, this is mainly why. We also have Amber coming to stay this time next week, and work is ticking over nicely too. All lovely things!

This peace lasted for about five minutes.


  1. Good luck the hound, we got a cat, mainly for the teenager's benefit! I find pets to be a bit of a pain, but I still get attached to them! :-)

  2. Thanks! I love animals. so this is pretty much wonderful for me. :D It's nice to have them from so young, but obviously pretty tiring and challenging at times!

  3. Thanks for popping over to my blog. Your animals are lovely, but yes, they are a handful. When we got ours, I was looking for not-a-brand-new-puppy, and although she was 9 months old, she hadn't been taught a thing. Not house-trained, leashed- trained, and barked at everything. However, the slightly older ones can "hold it in" for longer, so the house-training took about two days! She still barks when she's excited, but it's all good!

  4. I read it regularly! You're very welcome - it's a great read. The animals are indeed a handful, but lovely, as you said. We weren't looking for a brand new puppy, in fact I was leaning more towards an older dog, but Ben (my husband) pointed out that as we were getting a cat at the same time, and our older dog can be a bit nervous, it would be better to get a smaller, newer puppy who could learn the ropes, grow up with the cat, and not scare our older dog too much.

    It's worked out pretty well so far. She was almost 4 months old when we got her. She's learning fast and, although in the nippy stage, getting on well with the other two animals on the whole. She's very smart too, so she trains pretty easily! The house training would definitely have been easier had she been bigger but we're getting there. She now warns us when she wants to go out and is doing well with crate training and holding it overnight. She does bark when she doesn't get her way, but a combination of ignoring her, distracting her, or barking back all seem to be cutting that down, too!


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