Tuesday, 3 July 2012

266 days later

We're 100 days off a year of my being here (as it's a leap year), and nothing much is going on today. Ben's at work and I'm home managing the menagerie, and contemplating my career (and navel, if I'm honest). Not having the best of days, but I thought I'd just write a quick list of things that have happened since I last wrote - which is three weeks ago now, and I think the biggest blogging gap since I arrived in NC - so this is at least up-to-date with Queen City happenings.

Tattoo: artistic impression of a Cardinal
  • Amber arrived the week after my last post, and stayed with us for 10 days. It was so lovely to see her and spend some proper time with her! We got to do quite a lot of different things, including seeing some universities she's interested in attending for her Master's in a year's time (eee!), and she was absolutely amazing with the puppy too, so I think Bertie misses her as well!
  • Went to Raleigh to visit NCSU with Amber, and look around the town a little. It was a great drive, a beautiful day, and a really impressive campus and course. Exciting!
  • Had a full-on girly day with Amber getting hair and nails done with the fabulous Johnny at Salon du Monde.
  • I got my second tattoo at 510 Expert in NoDa, by the amazing artist Tom "Ugly Tom" Michael. It wasn't as painful as I had imagined it to be after hearing so many people with foot tattoos saying how bad it was, but then again, that might be because people did say it was so very awful, so perhaps that made me over-prepare myself for horrific pain! 
  • We took Amber to the Crepe Cellar, Cowfish, Good Food, Sir Ed's etc. so she could enjoy the amazing quality and variety of eateries in Charlotte. 
  • More importantly than that, Amber got to meet lots of our friends here, and vice versa, so that was fantastic!
  • Bertie got her last shots and is now allowed out in parks/public/anywhere. So far we've walked her around two parks, taken her to the lake, and had an evening out with her at the Wine Vault. She's been brilliant!
  • The animals are settling in nicely, and we're starting to get some sleep.
  • Bertie also now has her own Facebook page. Yes, I am one of those people. But I figured it'd be better than clogging up friends' newsfeeds with personal posts about her on my own profile. This way, people can choose! Honest... 
  • Our friends Quinton and Ron, along with their friend Jameson (who I've only met once, so can't really claim friendship just yet!) launched their web comic 'Ready Set Awesome' last Saturday, and had a great launch party to start it off right. You can check the comic out here.
  • We went to the Wine Vault last night (as mentioned above) and caught up with some beloved people that we've not had the chance to hang out with en masse for such a long time! It was wonderful. 
  • My brother and sister-in-law moved back from Geneva to their new place in the UK. I am so very happy for them, as they're now setting up a real home, and you can already see how delighted they both are to be back in England.
  • Still no green card in sight, but I called the USCIS and they've filed a query as our case is now outside the standard processing times. They should be in touch within 15 days with a case update, if nothing more.
  • I've spoken to my folks at length and we're in the middle of making plans both for them to come over here, and for us to stay in England with them later on this year. Obviously, this makes me happier than I can say!
  • It's my first Independence Day here in the States tomorrow, so that should be fun!

That about sums it up. Today is not a good day for me: a combination of fatigue, girly hormones, feeling weirdly lonely/out of place over the last week (and not being able to work out whether this is due to just feeling that way, or another consequence of long-term homesickness), missing my family, missing friends both at home and here - which is also weird - and stressing about work (or lack thereof) have all resulted in me spending most of the morning in tears and hiding behind my favourite childhood cuddly toy, a large weebl-like rabbit (she doesn't have legs). Not entirely sure why I am mentioning all of this on a public blog, but hey, I have a Facebook page for my dog, so clearly I'm a bit ill-advised in the sharing department.

Right, after that delightfully upbeat and thoroughly optimistic last paragraph, I am off to teach Bertie to roll over, and then eat so much (genuine UK - thanks Amber!) Dairy Milk that there's no room for this silly sadness any more. 

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