Monday, 23 July 2012

Stealing all your jobs

As I am now a legal alien, and because a girl cannot live on freelancing alone, I have been applying for jobs. All the jobs. Well, a lot of the jobs. It started with ones I was qualified for, and then ones I would like to do and could potentially be qualified/considered for. Then it went to jobs that I would like to do but am under-qualified for, and then jobs that I would like to do but might be considered overqualified for. Then it went to all the jobs I could find over a 72 hour period because I decided that I may as well apply for anything and everything, because throwing myself into the rhythm of form-filling and cover letter writing made me a little bit delirious.

About twenty applications later, I had got one phone interview, two regular interviews, and an email asking for more details in response to my rather extensive and exuberant outreach efforts. There are at least 15 positions from which I have heard nothing and doubt that I will hear anything. Such is the job market these days, and in NC (or maybe even the whole of America) it isn't customary to call unsuccessful applicants to enlighten them as to the reasons for their curtailed selection journey. I find this lack of feedback disconcerting and frustrating: not hearing anything doesn't confirm a rejection (for me), it just keeps me hanging on, not really knowing whether I've been heard by the intended recipient.

Speaking of rejection (well, of a sort), I failed my road test for my NC driving license today. I'm trying to make light of it, wounded though I am, as I know that I didn't pass on the basis of one thing: going down a hill, my car got up to almost 40mph in a 35mph area. My fault; I should have braked sooner to control it, but I guess 12 years of driving means that I've become a little more relaxed than I should be for a formal test. Other than that, I got a perfect score on my sign and theory tests, so I just have to go back next week and re-do the road test. It's nowhere near as stressful as the UK test (which of course makes me feel even sillier!), so I am trying to stay calm, especially now I know what it's like. I think perhaps I got a little bit ambitious, as I had a job interview this morning, which went wonderfully, so I was a-brimming with the potential for a super-awesome day...

So, the job! I will be working at a veterinary hospital around 10 miles from where we're living in Charlotte. I start next week, and I will be on reception. It's the perfect place: lovely people, surrounded by animals, a wide variety of clients, and the nicest vets you could wish to meet. It's not too far from our house (about 25 minutes in traffic), has a great work schedule for the admin staff, and allows me to bring Bertie to work with me on quiet days. Ideal! I'm so excited. I've always wanted to work in a veterinary environment, and can't quite believe that I will be - it's a really great opportunity. I'll update next week as to how it all goes. I'll also be continuing to freelance for MOL and at Studio1212 wherever possible.

Life goes on as 'normal'
The rest of this week will be finalising all my UK/US paperwork that still needs sorting out now that I have my green card. This is a pretty simple list of removing the work conditions on my social security card, changing my bank accounts to my married name (which I couldn't do without an official form of photo ID in my married name - the marriage certificate by itself isn't sufficient, apparently), registering with a doctor ($$$), and then filing my UK passport to be renewed in my new name too. All of this of course requires some more block capitals, ticks, and signing within the box AND NOT OUTSIDE THE BOX, but it's the last step. Once I've managed to shave 4mph off my itinerant driving style (okay, I need to watch the speedo better, but if I don't make light of it, I pretty much hate myself!) and get my license, I have no immigration/NC paperwork until 2014. I'm pretty sure you will be able to hear my sigh of relief all the way back over the other side of the pond...

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