Sunday, 5 August 2012

Licensed, working, living

This week has been a flurry of activity, from starting my new job at the vet (which I am LOVING!), to getting into a more "normal routine", to sorting out the last of my administrative/ID issues here, to relaxing over the weekend with Ben. Yes, even relaxing is done in a bit of a flurry right now!

Rather than post a dull diary of events from this week, I will summarise what we've done with a handy list, and then add some pictures in.

  1. Started my new job on Monday. It's a brilliant place to work, with so many lovely people, a great atmosphere, and of course, a ton of gorgeous animals! It's busy, interesting, and really enjoyable. The hours are pretty great too (although you get a bit exhausted working a full week in four days), and I can take Bertie with me, so I am really happy. 
  2. Thursday was my day off, so I did ALL THE THINGS. I went to the DMV at 7AM, and came out by 11AM with my NC driving license (passed this time, yay!). Then I went to the bank to do my last name change stuff - basically my UK bank accounts need my new signature and marriage certificate notarised by my US bank so they can change my name on those accounts too. Fun! Next was the post office, to send off said documents, and then off to Walmart to pick up my prescription. As it costs $9 there, instead of $33+ as it does everywhere else, it seemed like the smart decision. Finally, I made my way to Salon du Monde to get my hair sorted out, as it had grown a silly amount and looked a bit like a mop. The afternoon was spent with Ben, chilling out a little, and then the evening with my in-laws having dinner over in South Park at Maggiano's. Productive and lovely day off!
  3. Friday was a long day at the vet, and so I pretty much just crashed when I got home. So tired!
  4. Saturday is my favourite day of the week, because I get to see Ben all day, and we've established some kind of a routine. We spend the morning at the 7th Street Public Market, drinking incredible coffee at Not Just Coffee, browsing, and buying local, farm-fresh veg, meats, fruit, and all sorts of good stuff. Then we take Bertie to training at PetSmart, which is a lot of fun, and it's great to see her developing. Danni, our trainer, is the nicest lady, and she's great with B, especially when she is being a rambunctious little minx! Then we take the dogs for a walk, come home and cook dinner (or go out), and end the day crashing out watching a movie or just chatting over a bottle of wine. Wonderful. Definitely the best day. 
  5. Sunday is my day of rest and faffing around. Ben works most of the day, so I tend to sleep in a little, clean up, do housework, and then catch up with family/friends/blog/internet/reading. I enjoy it, but it can be a little long without Ben here. 

That about sums it up! Turned out to be a bit like a diary in list form after all, but you get the general idea. Nothing extraordinary, except for the fact that it's just been such a nice week, and things feel that much more settled. I'm a happy, lucky lady. 

Useful alarm I set myself.


Giant Walmart prescription. $9 per month, for 13 months.
They gave me the lot all in one go.

The reason for this happy life. I love this man.

Ben snapped this on Friday night.
Bertie and I were both totally out of it!

Amazing latte at Not Just Coffee.

At the market.

And finally, a beautiful day at the park with our dogs.

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