Sunday, 23 September 2012

Dewclaw debacle

Doing well after surgery
This week has been something of an emotional rollercoaster, because I have been overtired, apparently was somewhat hormonal, felt really quite homesick (well, familysick), had some tough customers at work, have not been able to see Ben because of our clashing schedules, and because Satine went in for her spay and dewclaw surgery midweek, which I was more worried about than I realised.

So, when Saturday rolled around I felt almost palpable relief: a day with Ben, two days after Satine's surgery and no complications, getting things done around the house, and only just over two weeks until I see my parents.

No such luck.

New stitches in her leg
Satine, despite having an E-collar on and being on strict bed rest (and so mostly confined to her crate), managed to get her stitches out of her leg where her dewclaw was amputated. She opened it right up, in under ten minutes, to the point you could see down to the bone. She had her collar on, and she was in her crate at the time. It seems that the collar wasn't quite long enough for our ridiculously long, flexible puppy, and those stitches were just too itchy to resist.

One trip to the emergency vet later and a huge guilt trip for me, she was all fixed up. She needed a full wound flush (lovely bacteria in a dog's mouth transferring over to that open incision means a high chance of infection), sedation and reverse sedation, restitching, wider-ranging antibiotics, and a new, longer E-collar. Our poor baby.

Not happy about her crate and collar!
Of course, 'Tine is unaware of the whole thing, and seemed rather glad to be going on a car ride, if anything. She paid no mind to her leg the whole time, and was pretty much fine from when we brought her home, other than some post-anaesthesia moans and sways. Silly mite!

I was so worried; I know there is not much more I could have done having followed the doctor's instructions to the letter about her post-operative care, but I still feel horribly responsible. I also hate it that she is now going to have to have her collar on longer, and take a few more days off from being a puppy.  She's dealing well with the new collar though, and I'm home today so I can keep a constant eye on her without her having to be crated. Tomorrow I'm going to take her to work with me, as the massive benefit of working at an absolutely lovely vet is that the doctors want to see her to check she is okay!

Other than that, there's not a whole lot of updating to be done. I've got some fun things to write about the utterly ridiculous healthcare situation in the USA, but that will have to wait. For now I am just going to relax, wait for Ben to get home, and look after our little family.

Adapting to the cone - she got her chew in the end!


  1. Wow, sounds like you're going through some expat emotional turbulence... I've had an eventful time too, eg got pulled over by a cop for the first time - luckily he was the nicest cop that I've ever met!

    1. It's been a fun week! Sounds like you've had a scary one as well; thank goodness the cop was nice! Why did he pull you over?


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