Sunday, 16 September 2012

Meanwhile, 10 months later...

I've been relatively quiet on QE about something very, very exciting happening next month: my parents are coming to visit! So, of course, here is a countdown:

I have been pretty giddy every time I've thought about it, so I've tried to remain calm and not post too early about just how happy it makes me to know I'll see my Mum and Dad again so soon. If you know my family even a little bit, you'll know that we're a pretty tight unit, that we all love each other dearly and take joy in being around one another, and up until my leaving last year, I usually saw Mum and Dad once or twice a week. 

I hesitate to say we're more like friends than family, as that's only really true in the choosing-to-see-each-other sense. I know a lot of families that only see each other for annual "required" events plus one or two more more casual meet-ups and that, while they of course love each other, it's in a quieter, more run of the mill kind of a family way - the embarrassing dad dances, the mum fussing around, all the usual cliché ideas of what a family is. So I guess what I am trying to say is that we are both friends and family. That includes my brother, and since he got married, and so did I, it includes our respective spouses too.

I'm incredibly lucky to have such a fanfuckingtastic group of people to share genes with (and not, in the case of Ben and Wren!). These people are my home; people I can be totally open with; who love me for me and encourage me to be me; who don't mind when we disagree; who are on the same wavelength; who aren't critical but discursive; who are always open-minded and unconditionally loving; who are abstract, creative, brilliant, fun, silly, and just make me glad to be a part of their world. I'm so very lucky. And in three weeks, I am going to be able to tell them that in person.

Dad, Ben, me, Sam, Mum, and Wren in December 2011


  1. Well, if you do get kids, you *will* share your genes with Ben :D

  2. I've said it before and I'll say it again; your parents look like rock stars! Excited for that they'll be visiting, and no doubt bringing British delights xx

    1. Hee! Thanks, Shermeen. They're pretty rock 'n' roll. Not sure what they might be bringing other than a couple of make-up essentials I asked for, but I just can't wait to see *them*. :D xx


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