Thursday, 4 October 2012


I'm trying to stay so very calm about Mum and Dad arriving, but I just looked at the countdown on here, saw that it was 3 days and 18 hours, and promptly burst into happy tears. Oh dear! I do not know how I am going to hold it together at the airport. I'm already a (joyful) mess.

I've already written about how much I bloody love my parents. I'm in that lucky, socially awkward number that count their parents as people they adore hanging out with, who consider them to be a mandatory, doctor's orders, once-a-week-minimum social engagement. They're just brilliant people who I miss more than I can possibly write or verbalise (see the most recent QE v-log for evidence of this). AND THEY ARE HERE IN LESS THAN FOUR DAYS!


Today was spent doing a giant shop to get in loads of lovely things for them while they're here. I've also been preparing the spare room, making sure it's spick and span, cat-free (Dad is allergic), and full of useful things. Tomorrow I'll be at work at the vet and preparing for a shoot; Saturday will be at said shoot; Sunday will be spent editing photos from the shoot, and cleaning the house at the speed of light. Then it will be Monday, which is a half day at work for me and Ben, and then they will be here. Here. As in where I am.

I wish I could write something half decent to try to express how I feel. I haven't seen them for ten whole months, which is a big thing for any expat (if you ask me). Your family provides such a fundamental framework for who you are that, when displaced physically and emotionally, the idea of such an integral part of your existence coming into your new space makes you feel simultaneously relieved, excited, and unbearably elated.

It's not like they're going to fix anything (there's nothing to fix); it's not like they're staying for a prolonged period, so I can't get used to them being in Charlotte; and it's not like we've not been in touch (we have Skype, What'sApp, email, post etc.). But I haven't seen them. I haven't really heard them. I've not hugged them. I've not had a snorting girl giggle with Mum, haven't heard my Dad's booming laugh from three storeys above where he actually is seated, and not felt that literally innate sense of belonging.

I cannot wait for them to be here.

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