Sunday, 11 November 2012

For more years, please...

It's been quite a week!  We spent last weekend out with our beloved Cassie for her birthday (and I sadly lost a much-loved scarf from home during the night); we cooked pork belly at home for the first time (and by "we" I mean "Ben); Obama was re-elected; my Stroud scarf was found and returned to me by the lovely people at Hartigan's pub; I had a hair cut; Ben had an amazing job offer; I bought non-necessary clothes for the first time in a long time; we had a Saturday evening AND Sunday morning together consecutively; and today we saw a bird of prey just casually sat in our back garden. Let's hope this lovely trend of random and happy instances continues for as long as possible.

Without further ado, here's a collage of all the QE happenings in the last week...

Having just cleaned the house for the past 3.5 hours, I'm now exhausted, so that's all the writing I can manage! I'll attempt a proper post this week. Happy Sunday!


  1. Shouldn't that be '*four* more years', or is there some clever wordplay that I am missing? :-)

    1. My previous post was entitled 'Four more years'. This was supposed to be a play on it - that I hoped good/random fun things would keep coming "for as long as possible" (for more years). Guess it was a dumb play on words!


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