Thursday, 31 January 2013

Whale vomit and a flying cuppa

Do not feed whale vomit to your dog
Yes, I'm serious: for my first week 4 post about "British news", I'm going with the frivolous. I could have plumped for politics, discussed the continuing economic issues, or giggled about the UK's pitiful response to its annual snowfall. I could even have cited a singular pertinent issue like the cost of the Sellafield clean-up, or perhaps the further delay of a parliamentary vote on gay marriage. As it has been a truly busy week however (which will be waffled on about at length in February's 'week 1' personal update post, I am sure), and because I could really use something on the slightly more shallow side, I decided simply to include a couple of snippets from two excellent and relatively inconsequential news stories from my home country. Just click on the photo captions below to get to each one respectively. Until next week!

Whale vomit: a surprisingly profitable substance.

High tea: We really do care this much

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