Sunday, 10 March 2013

Marching on

Yes, it's the March update, but I suppose it's actually a review of February, so my title isn't actually that fitting. Ah, well. This update is going to be entirely photos, which means my Facebook friends and family will already know most of this. But it's been a lovely month, and the photos show it best!

First things first: February means Valentine's Day. My friend Leah organised a lady-date (a tradition started last year), involving drinking bubbly in a park overlooking the city, and a delicious meal in the NoDa neighbourhood at the new Korean restaurant Miyagi's.

One very important thing to note: it snowed! Admittedly only a few inches, and it lasted less than 48 hours, but this made it feel like a proper winter.

The dogs absolutely loved it. I was less keen on the white stuff when driving on the interstate, as it seems NC was somewhat unprepared for the sudden "blizzard" (see above), but all in all it was so lovely to have some snow before spring arrives.

I've now started running at least five times a week, and doing 1.2 miles minimum each time. I'm loving it, and am so grateful to Bertie for starting this whole thing. I even bought new running gear, including leggings (yep - sexy!) and a running pack for my keys, iPod, and phone. On cold mornings I also wear my owl hat, which adds a certain something to the whole look, I think.

Running is helping me to sleep and rise more effectively. I've started using an app called Sleep Cycle, to track how I'm resting, and to wake me up during lighter phases of sleep so I don't feel groggy when I get up to run.

There have been some lovely dates over the last month, including a trip to Stony Mountain Vineyards (thanks to Chris for the thoughtful gift of a visit there!), and to my favourite place to eat, Good Food on Montford.

I've also been dressing up for a couple of other events. I shot at the HRC Gala for NFocus magazine, which of course meant a cocktail dress to go with my D3! On top of that, I'm trying to make more of an effort to dress up when going out, simply because I spend most of my days in scrubs, running clothes, or PJs. Which is fine, but I have a lot of nice dresses that deserve to be worn. 

I am also celebrating the amazing news that my MOL photos are now on display and for sale at Smelly Cat Coffeehouse (thanks to Leah's connections!). It's so exciting to see my work up in such a popular, fun place.

Bertie turned one! I can't believe this little darling is already a year old. We've not had her a year of course, but it's still flown by. She had her own party hat and a brand new Nylabone to celebrate. Not so sure she liked the hat, but the toy went down well! She's a wonderful little lady and I'm so happy and fortunate to have her as my pup. 

Taboo is much more settled with us now, and is exploring the house and dealing with the dogs far more. It's a joy to see him come out of himself.

I've had some exciting mail over this month, including a letter from a dear friend, a relief parcel from home, and a CD from Mum and Dad. The power of music is so wonderful. Being given music feels like a person is there with you listening to it, presumably because of the intention they had when thinking of you hearing it, or just because they wanted to share something of beauty with you. They sent me 'Cold Fact' by Rodriguez, and I am absolutely in love with it. I strongly encourage anyone to give it a listen, and to follow up on the story behind the artist if you are so inclined.

Oh, and I also got my mitts on some real baked beans. So, on toast they went with a good pile of cheese on top! 

Parcel from Steve - thank you so much!

It's also incredibly exciting to know that the last of my stuff from home - my books, childhood toys, photo albums, paintings and so on - are on their way to me as I write. I am going to save how I feel about this until after opening the boxes when they arrive, but it's going to mean that my whole life, in terms of stuff and physical memories, is over here now. It's a big step.

Being here is made even happier by the wonderful friends I have. Whether it be dropping in on each other at work, meeting up for drinks, having girly sleepovers, or what seems to have become weekly coffee mornings, I couldn't be luckier when it comes to lady loves.

Overall, I'm still in love with Charlotte. The city, the life, the living.

Ha ha! This is just down the road from my house.

And now it's spring! So onward we go with 2013 in the Queen City.

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