Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Daily Mash

We're now back to normal service here at QE, so I am going to do a quick 'cheat' post to round off March's entries in order that we can neatly trot over to April and get back to the regular monthly posting schedule for 2013.

In order to be super efficient, I've decided to combine the Week 3 'website recommendation' post with the Week 4 'UK news' post and bring you... a recommendation for a website that satirises (you guessed it!) British news.

Most of my friends back home will know this site, as it's an old favourite and always very well-maintained, so there's always something fresh to share. My US friends will more likely be familiar with 'The Onion', which does a similar thing this side of the pond. The Daily Mash is written in the style of a real (albeit less detailed) online newspaper, smothered in sarcasm and with a typically British, self-deprecating overtone. Articles are written and uploaded every day, most of which pertain to actual national and international news. There are also random pieces of either totally made-up or entirely irrelevant 'news', opinion columns and 'reader offers', as well as the weekly, brilliant and mildly terrifying horoscopes by Psychic Bob.

I'll not say much more about specifics, so that you can explore further to see what you think. I will say that you do need to a) check into what's been happening in the UK recently in order to find it funny in a relevant way; b) put your British-thinking hat on; and c) not be too offended by swear words or clearly exaggerated, prejudicial viewpoints. Finally, you should definitely start with one of my favourite ever articles of theirs which relates to concerns over falling education standards in teaching for national examinations. I give you: "What's a Physics? Ask GCSE pupils".

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