Thursday, 2 May 2013

This is the new stuff

It may have come to any regular readers' attention (yes, I went with an optimistic plural regular readers apostrophe...) that I have not written anything in over a month. Despite the huge impact of events in both my homes, such as Margaret Thatcher's death and the Boston bombings, I have not been able to find either the words nor the time to sit down to write. 

That's not to say this is a goodbye; I fully intend to keep QE as a live blog with semi-regular posts and relevant expat content. However, I think the schedule I set up for 2013 was a little ambitious given the amount of time I have to write, and my natural propensity to want to write thoughtful, considered, thorough posts (which take longer). So, I am going to abandon a rigorous weekly post regimen and instead return to writing as and when something strikes me as a topic I can write about and that I want to write about. This may be a little less frequent than over the past two years, as American things seem a lot more normal to me now (cue 'Wig in a Box'). It's safe to say I am comfortably settled in my second home. But I will not use mayonnaise as butter in a sandwich, I refuse to say 'wadder', and I will always crave Radio Five Live and real Dairy Milk. Never fear.

For now, please feel free to keep up with somewhat briefer QE updates via a plethora of social media platforms. Below are screenshots of the QE Facebook page, Tumblr, and Twitter, and my Instagram and This is My Jam profiles. Click on any of these to be taken to those sites to see what's been going on lately - and please do say hi!

Thank you to anyone and everyone who's taken the time to read, lurk, or comment on this little blog. It's been a real pleasure to be able to write in and connect with such a diverse online community, and I hope to be a part of it for years to come. 

Until the next post!

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