Friday, 14 February 2014

You're why I feel found

I meant to write something for QE in January, I really did, but the month sort of got away with me. In between my family returning to the UK, the spring semester starting up at work, making all the bookings for 10/26 adventures this year, and the ridiculousness that became my friends' plans for my birthday celebrations (or 'Birthmukkah', as my beautiful friend Nico called it!), there wasn't much time for writing. 

At the Wine Vault at the end of 'Birthmukkah'
L-R: Jess (wife); Nico; Lesley; Steven;
Josh; Sanya; Brad; Marissa; Cathy & Britt.

The Sisterhood of the Clams:
Christine (Neldie), me, Lesley, and Cassie. 

All the girls took a day and planned something, including Wine & Design, a day trip to Salisbury, dinner at my place, and a surprise faerie feast, all over a long weekend. So, what could have been a really shoddy birthday turned out to be one of the best I've ever had, and I have the beautiful people above to thank for making it so wonderful. They truly make this place a community, a family, and a home to me.

On top of that, I've been to Asheville to visit the lovely Rae and caught up with an old friend and now fellow expat (the fabulously talented Oli Brown, who was performing there - small world!), finally went to the Biltmore, celebrated my two year friendiversary with Nico by attending a local performing arts comedy evening, topped up my massage points by way of an evening at Urbana with my neldie Christine, and made several new friends, all of whom I'm really enjoying getting to know. So even though I have moments, hours, even consecutive days like this:

Can't be mad when it's so perfect, can I? Thanks, PostSecret.

...I'm generally doing well. I have the best few weeks coming up too, the highlight of which will be my beautiful "wife" Jess (see above) moving in as my permanent housemate! I'm so excited. We've lived together once before but just for about 10 days - which were brilliant! - so this time it's going to be superawesometastic. Which is now a word.

Per my last post, it's been snowing in Charlotte since Tuesday afternoon, and there was actually a genuine need for the three consequent snow days we've had this week. There's at least 10 inches of snow on the ground in my area, and apparently south Charlotte is even worse. Add to that the fact that it's compacted and iced up overnight, plus that NC is not known for its skilled inclement weather drivers, and you have a recipe for winter wonderland disasters. So I've been at home for the last three days, snuggled up with Bertie and Satine (although sometimes not so snuggled, as we've been out to play in it, of course!), and generally enjoying resting and catching up on all the things I've not quite got around to when I should... Like this blog. *sheepish grin* Standby for an immigration-related post soon!

My furbabies in the snow.

Me in the snow!

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