Saturday, 15 November 2014

All the arms: A Queen's English video blog for 2014

So, here it is - the 2014, 3-year QE v-log! I would introduce with more of a fanfare, but it's rather rough as I no longer have a video editor on my laptop, so it's just three separate video clips filmed on my point-and-shoot, one after the other. I'm sorry!

At this point, due to technological incompetence, I managed to not realize that the camera didn't capture my confession about "favorite American cuisine". While I have to say that I generally can't stand fast food, I'm a Bojangle's convert, there's no denying it. It's not my "favorite" American cuisine as such, but it's definitely my favorite kind of food - chicken and biscuits - that I've found in NC that we certainly don't have back home.

Please enjoy my excellent stills. YouTube didn't give me many options, so these are the best we'll get, I'm afraid.

So, other than total lack of preparation vis-à-vis the actual recording, a slight giggling fit at one of the questions, and various canine interruptions, this is a seriously professional piece.

As ever, thank you to everyone who asked questions, and to everyone who takes the time to watch my unedited ramblings! I know I don't write as much these days, but I always have and always will appreciate the community of expats, readers, bloggers, and friends that visit QE.

I hope y'all enjoy!

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